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Widowmaker commenced operations in 2008 with the start of design and testing of a broadhead to compliment the Australian Hunting Market. A 2 piece Alloy and Stainless Broadhead was created and this Broadhead is still the mainstay of Widowmaker. After its successful introduction into the Australian market in 2009, a further 2 piece Steel and Stainless Broadhead emerged as the Dangerous Game Broadhead for the larger species of game and Traditional Hunters. Widowmaker Arrows where next on the list in 2010,  these arrows proved to be some of the strongest arrows ever seen on the market and with there outserts became a favorite amongst many hunters. 2012 became the year of the Solid CNC machined broadhead offering the ultimate in strength and durability. These heads are almost indestructable and carry a full guarantee " you break or bend it guarantee and get 2 for 1 " this guarantee is not matched by any Archery Company in the world...2015 completed the current stock with the introduction of the Solid 3 Blade which carries the same guarantee as the Solid 2 Blades.  

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