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                                                                         Widowmaker Broadheads


                                       2 Piece                                   Solid 2 Blade                                     Solid 3 Blade

                                130               215              100     125         175        250                        100       125       150

Blade                        402 Stainless                          1095 Tool Steel                                   1095 Tool Steel

Ferrel                7075 Alloy       Steel                                   "                                                              "

Cutting Width                 28mm                  24mm  28mm   29mm   32mm                 28mm (36mm cutting) 

Cutting Length                42mm                 24mm  26mm   30mm   36mm                 23mm   25mm   26mm

Blade Length                   48mm                 25mm 27mm   33mm   44mm                  24mm   26mm   27mm

Blade Thickness  1.07mm   1.28mm       1.01mm 1.24mm 1.46mm 1.63mm            1.22mm  1.26mm  1.61mm

Price @1/12/15         $51 (6 Pack)                             $48 (3 pack)                                         $51 (3 Pack)   


All broadheads have Tanto Tip, Reverse Cutters and are hardened to 50-52 Rockwell

Solid Broadheads except 100gn Solids are Guaranteed against bending or breakage under any circumstances within reason on a basis of 2 for 1....You break or bend one and I'll replace with 2....














                                                                               Widowmaker "Smash" Arrows


The Widows "as affectionately known" are a full Carbon Shaft with Cross Weave construction built primarily as a hunting shaft. These shafts are second to none in Strength and Durability, outperforming many of the most expensive Arrows on the market. They have an internal diameter of 4.2mm utilising Bohnning F or Easton G Nocks or any other nock of that size. Lighted Nocks are available and are known as Nockturnal G Nocks.

Shafts built to the following Specifications:

                                              250                                300                               350                        400

                                           13.3 GPI                         12.2GPI                         10.4GPI                   9.1GPI

            Straightness        +/- .003                         +/-.003                        +/-.003                  +/-.003

            Weight               +/- 1 Grain                     +/- 1 grain                    +/- 1 grain            +/- 1 grain














Widowmaker "Animal" Arrows

The New Widows are a full Carbon Shaft with Cross Weave construction built for hunting on a budget without compromising reliability and durability. The new arrows come in a standard format with inserts and 6.2mm ID. Due to reduced GPI these arrows are great for the guys chasing speed from there hunting arrows.

                                                         300's                               350's

                                                         8.9 GPI                           7.9GPI

                   Straightness                  .003                               .003  

                   Weight                       +/- 1 Grain                   +/- 1 Grain

                                                                        Widowmaker Outserts


Outserts have proven time and time again to be the strongest method of attaching your choosen broadhead to an arrow. These outserts have been tested to achieve minimum drag and strength to provide a bullet proof system.

                                                      Alloy                                     Steel

                              7075 Aircraft grade alluminium      Industrial Steel

         Weight                            40 grains                             120 grains 















                    "Widowmaker Broadheads and Arrows the original and the toughest since 2008"



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